4th of July Special 4th of July Special 4th of July Special

4th of July Special

Have fun in our 4th of July Special on this day of celebration!

In the USA, the 4th of July is celebrated as Independence Day. This annual celebration is a BIG one, with fireworks, parades, and patriotism! What better way to let freedom ring than by joining our 4th of July Special! So march on over to our Summer BINGO Room and join us for the fun!

The event will run for two hours beginning at 7:00PM EDT, so don't miss it! Not only do we have a range of games for you to enjoy during these two hours, but we've also got some fun 4th July themed patterns as well. These patterns include: Happy 4th of July, Fireworks, Fireworks Display and the USA Flag.

We will play a $4,000.00 Coverall (min $400.00) game as the top of the hour game. Cards can be purchased for just $2.00 each!

We'll also play starting $40.00 games and $400.00 Coveralls (min $40.00) games with cards at just $0.50 each. With a “Buy 5, Get 2 FREE” card promotion for this event, light up the sky and your bank account this July 4th!

Be sure to buy your BINGO cards in advance so you don’t miss it! Make sure you're in the Summer BINGO Room at 7:00PM EDT!

Happy Birthday America!