$13,000 Big Bingo Event $13,000 Big Bingo Event $13,000 Big Bingo Event

$13,000 Big Bingo Event

April's $13,000 Big Bingo Event

Our $13,000 Big Bingo Event is, as the name suggests, the biggest bingo event we're going to hold this April. This exciting bingo event will be played on Saturday, April 25 EDT and you'll need to head over to the Tourney Bingo Room if you want to join in the Big Bingo Fun!

This spectacular event will begin at 7:00PM EDT continuing on throughout the night. The event will commence with three warm up games at 7:00PM EDT, 8:00PM EDT and 9:00PM EDT. These games will all feature as $1,000 Guaranteed games at the top of the hour with cards sold at $2.00 for each one.

However, it's our big game that will be held at 10:00PM EDT that you won't want to miss. This game is our $10,000 Guaranteed game and a chance for you to get a seriously epic prize into your account. Cards for this game will be a little higher in price, still sitting at a reasonable $5.00 per card.!

Additional Bingo info

If you wish to join in you need to make sure you're in the right room on the right day. Playing any of the other bingo games, other than those specified above, will mean that you are not entered into the Big Bingo Event and will not be able to win these fabulous cash prizes.

You are able to buy your bingo cards prior to the games commencing so remember to keep an eye out for them and pre order in advance. Winnings from the event will be paid directly into your account so that you can get playing with them right away too!