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Fabulous Fridays

Fabulous Fridays are here this January!

We thought we'd kick off the New Year with a bang! And there's no better way to do that than by offering you the chance to join in our Fabulous Fridays bingo event. That's right, each Friday throughout January, we're offering a ton of exciting bingo games for you to enjoy as the New Year gets going.

The event will run each Friday for the whole month, so you won't miss out on the fun. The event will take place in our New Year’s bingo room from 7:00PM EST to 10:00PM EST. What's even more exciting is that this is going to be a non-stop $100 guaranteed games during this time.

They're all $100 guaranteed games so you know you can win some big prizes if you're lucky. The games will all cost $1.00 a card. And we're throwing in something a little extra to sweeten the pot when you decide to join us and get playing. When you buy your cards, you should grab more than one. But why, we hear you ask? That's because we're running a buy 5 get 2 free promotion whenever you purchase bingo cards for Fabulous Fridays. We figure that's just the best way to get your January Friday nights off to the perfect start.

That's right, for those Friday nights in we're going to be offering an impressive three hours of straight bingo gaming! Gone are those boring Friday nights in - instead we're giving you a Fabulous Friday to enjoy, and you could win some big prizes with your friends, which just makes it all the more fun.