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Groundhog Day

Groundhog Day Bingo Games!

Head on over to the Valentine's Bingo Room (yes, we're in the month of love now!), at 8:00PM EDT on Sunday, February 2 EST and you will be able to participate in our Groundhog Day $1,000 Reverse Coverall Game. We're adding to the bingo fun with special $100 Guaranteed games and Starting games so that you can walk away instantly with some exciting prizes.

The Groundhog Day $1,000 Reverse Coverall Game plays as the Top of the Hour game at 8:00PM EDT and is filled with coverall fun with up to $1,000 in cash to be won.

If you are planning to join in the Groundhog Day fun, then you'll need to purchase a few bingo cards. Bingo cards for this event are priced at a reasonable $1.00 per card. What's even better is that we're offering an additional promo on these cards with a Buy 3 get 2 Free offer!