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Nickel Room

Low Cost B75 Bingo

Play for a Nickel a card to win fantastic cash prizes in the Nickel Bingo room every day of the week between 1:00PM EDT and 9:00PM EDT. The Nickel Bingo room is filled with exciting low cost B75 games that play for fantastic cash prizes and best of all, every game we play in the Nickel Bingo room is only a Nickel a card!

Crazy Nickel Games

Our fun Multi-Part Games will consist prizes of $5.00/ $5.00/ $5.00 with the first part played on small patterns, the second part on a different pattern and the third on a coverall. Play for a low cost of just $0.05.

Starting $25

There are fantastic cash prizes to be won for only a nickel a card playing our exciting Starting $20.00 Bingo games. Join in the low cost bingo fun for only mce(0.05)} a card to win a guaranteed starting cash prize of $20.00 that keeps on growing with player wagers. The more that play, the bigger the cash prize for only $0.05 a card!

$2,500 Coverall

These fun filled Top of the Hour $2,500.00 Coverall min $25.00 games play every hour in the Nickel Bingo room for an incredible cash prize of up to mce(2500)}. With a card cost of only $0.05 each, that’s incredible low cost B75 bingo fun guaranteed.

Make sure to join in the Nickel Bingo fun and excitement every day between 1:00PM EDT and 9:00PM EDT at constant(COMPANY)} in the Nickel Bingo room to enjoy the best in low cost B75 bingo. With fantastic cash prizes of up to $2,500.00 to be won and every game playing for only $0.05 a card, the Nickel Bingo room guarantees you more bingo fun for your buck!

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