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Rollercoaster Bingo

Fun of the Fair

Our Rollercoaster Bingo games bring you all the fun of the fair every Wednesday night between 3:00AM CEST and 4:00AM CEST in the Seasonal Bingo room as we play for fantastic cash prizes of up to €470.00 every game.

Hold on tight for Rollercoaster bingo fun every Wednesday night. These great Rollercoaster Bingo games play back to back for a full hour and will keep you on the edge of your seat as the prize climbs all the way up to an incredible €470.00 before dropping all the way down to €47.00. Like all the best rollercoasters they don't stay down for long, the prize quickly climbs back up again up to €470.00..

Each game has a card cost of €0.70 and will start off with a prize pot of €47.00 which increases with every ball called, once it hits the top with a fabulous cash prize of €470.00… it drops away again all the way down to €47.00 before starting to climb back up.