Super Saturday Bingo Super Saturday Bingo Super Saturday Bingo

Super Saturday Bingo

Join our Super Saturday Bingo for serious fun!

Now that the holiday season is over, it's back to the grind. But not quite! We're ready to party throughout January with our Super Saturday Bingo events. That's right, the fun starts right here!

On Saturday, January 2nd and Saturday, January 16th is when this exciting bingo event will take place. This is a full-day event and will be held in the New Year’s Bingo room on each of these days. That's right, you can sit and play bingo all day long!

The tournament will play top of the hour $121 max $210 games and the more games that you win, the bigger the prize on the leaderboard of up to $1,500 in cash!


Ranking Prizes Balance
1st Place $1,500.00 Cash
2nd Place $750.00 Free Play Bonus
3rd Place $350.00 Free Play Bonus
4th Place $175.00 Free Play Bonus
5th Place $100.00 Free Play Bonus
6th - 10th Place $50.00 Free Play Bonus
11th - 20th Place $22.50 Free Play Bonus
21st - 30th Place $15.00 Free Play Bonus

Cards for this these special, top of the hour games will all cost $1.00, but we are making it even easier for you to win because we've got a buy 5 get 2 free offer in place

There's also a massive prize pool in place for each of these days. That's right, it's a tournament and the top 30 players will get a piece of the prize. If you're lucky enough to win the most top of the hour games, you're going to walk away with a whopping $1,500 in cash!

Terms and Conditions

  • Only wins from the Super Saturday Bingo $121 max $210 top of the hour games will qualify towards winning the tournament.
  • Only wins within the time frame of each daily tournament will be counted towards winning the tournament. (Saturday, January 2 at 12:01AM EST until Saturday, January 2 at 11:59PM EST and again between Saturday, January 16 at 12:01AM EST and Saturday, January 16 at 11:59PM EST).
  • 1st place will receive a cash prize. Rankings from 2nd to 30th will receive their prize in Free Play Bonus.
  • Prizes will be credited to the players' accounts automatically in the following Sunday.
  • In the case of a tie between players in terms of Bingo wins, the higher ranked place will be awarded to the player reaching the amount of Bingo wins first.
  • General Website Rules Apply.