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Speed Bingo

Speedie Bingo Fun

Speed up the bingo fun between 10:00AM CEST and 12:00PM CEST and again between 10:00PM CEST and 12:00AM CEST every day of the week in the seasonal bingo room with our €9.40 Starting Speed bingo games. These fun filled speedie bingo games have a card cost of just  €0.33  per card and a starting pot of €9.40 that grows with player wagers, the more players that join in the speedie bingo fun, the bigger the cash prize!

Add some coverall madness to your speedie bingo fun with our top of the hour and mid hour €4,700.00 Coverall minimum €23.50 games. These exciting coverall games offer fantastic cash prizes for only  €0.33 per card.

Free Cards

Get even more chances to win playing our quick fire speedie bingo games with an unmissable Buy 6 Get 3 Free offer on all cards. All you have to do is select any 9 Bingo cards, click buy, and you'll only be charged for 6 Bingo cards. That's free chances to win playing our speed bingo games!