Spring into Spring Spring into Spring Spring into Spring

Spring into Spring

Win some prizes as you Spring into Spring!

There's no better way to get rid of those miserable winter doldrums than by leaping headlong into the season of nature and rebirth. So, without further ado, why not join our Spring into Spring Bingo event which is going to be held in the Spring Bingo room on Friday, March 20th.

The Spring Bingo fun starts at 8:00PM EDT and we're going to hold a two-hour bingo session that will finish at 10:00PM EDT. There are various games going to be held in this event with fantastic cash prizes to be won every game.

The games available will include our:

  • Spring $190 Guaranteed pots,
  • $19.00 Spring starting games
  • $1,900 Coverall games with a minimum of $19.00.

The best thing about this event though is that whatever game you choose to join in, all of the cards are going to cost the same. Cards are priced at only $0.25 per card with a Buy 3 get 2 Free promotion.