Turkey Thursdays Turkey Thursdays Turkey Thursdays

Turkey Thursdays

Play and win every Thursday this November

Stuff yourself silly with turkey and good food while you enjoy some social bingo in our Turkey Thursdays event. For the whole of November, we're celebrating Thanksgiving every single Thursday. Yes, you heard us right! Join us in the Seasonal Room to get in on this year's festive fun.

Kicking off from 7:00PM EST every Thursday, we will be playing two hours of bingo. Better yet, there's a weekly prize pool of $48,000 ready to be won. So, make sure that you're a part of it. This prize pool consists of three different games that will play throughout these two hours.

At the Top of the Hour is our $20,000 Coverall game with a minimum of $200. Cards cost $1 each for this event. Next, there are $250 Guaranteed games costing just $.50 per card.

Finally, we will have Bungee Games with a starting $600 pot. This means it will drop to a minimum of $60 before rocketing back, having a bungee effect.

Similar to the $250 games, the Bungee Game also costs $.50 per card. However, no matter which cards you are buying, we're running a Buy 7, Get 3 free offer. That's right, get your hands on all the cards you can right now. But, don't forget to play on Thanksgiving Day itself.

Why? Because we've got an even bigger prize in store. For this one day, that Coverall game will go up to a whopping $40,000 Coverall event with a $400 minimum. However, cards will still cost just $1 each. The game won't just play at Top of the Hour, but also as a mid-hour special too!

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