Turkey Shoot Bingo Turkey Shoot Bingo Turkey Shoot Bingo

Turkey Shoot Bingo

Turkey Shoot Bingo event!

This Thanksgiving is Thursday, November 26th, so we're helping you to celebrate it with our Turkey Shoot bingo event. In honor of the turkeys we all eat during this time, we're bringing you this virtual feast of turkey bingo games for you to enjoy.

The event will kick off at 6:00PM EDT and will take place in the Autumn bingo room, so make sure you're there on time. The games will all be our Turkey Supreme bingo games that have a starting pot of $260.00 that will slowly increase in value as the numbers are called until it is won or maxes out at a tasty $500.00.

The event will close at 10:00PM EDT, meaning you will have had a full 4 hours of bingo games to get into. And who knows? You could be lucky and win a whole lot of them. Bingo cards are available for purchase and are priced at $2.00 per card.

We're also offering you a deal on the cards, just because it's Thanksgiving! Our promotion is set at a buy 12 cards get 4 free, helping you on your way to success. Make a note in your diary, don't just eat the turkey, but come here and join in our Turkey Shoot Bingo games this Thanksgiving!