Sheng Xiao Bingo Sheng Xiao Bingo Sheng Xiao Bingo

Sheng Xiao Bingo

  • 12 patterns
  • Pick up bonus
  • Wheel bonus

Game Description

Eurasian Gaming's Sheng Xiao Bingo game is a fun Chinese-themed bingo game that features four set cards, each within a Chinese pagoda. There are also the 12 zodiac signs spinning in the centre. These play a part in some exciting bonuses throughout the game. While the aim here is to get enough balls to fill up the cards, you can also get 10 extra balls when you land the Joker ball. And this joker can turn into any ball number you like to get that bingo match. Also, there's a Pick-Up bonus, and this means you can choose three out of 12 with each of them representing a sign of the zodiac. When you've selected three, then you get a random prize that's the same value as the three signs selected. Last, there is also a Wheel bonus where you get prizes from the wheel after it stops spinning. When it does, you can collect the final prizes. You've got 12 different patterns to land the matching balls on too, and this matches the zodiac theme throughout. So, get ready for those bingo balls to drop and claim some big wins when they do!